This is Spy 3D

SpyFilms Logo Spy3D specializes in producing stereoscopic 3D content.

With the rapid growth of 3D digital technology and the promise of 3D television and cinemas, 3D appears to finally be ready to leverage its potential and reinvent the viewing experience. As consumers begin to adopt this new untapped technology, the value proposition for creating immersive commercial and ad content is becoming a clear mechanism for engaging and catching the attention of TV and online viewers. 3D ad-funded content extends the creative possibilities of advertisers to have maximum impact and success in delivering a memorable message, and provides a novel way to communicate with audiences. Now that 3D televisions are becoming available from manufacturers, and broadcasters are in talks to bring 3D TV channels to Canada, consumer interest is picking up, and demand for 3D programming will inevitably increase. Now that these elements are falling into place, advertisers can finally utilize 3D advertisement content to their maximum potential.

Producing 3D content requires considerable planning and an understanding of both technology and its creative parameters. From the creative inception to final delivery, the workflow demands practiced counsel.

Utilizing directing talent from that of Spy Films and offering exclusive relationships with the top stereographers and state-of-the-art rigging equipment, Spy3D is dedicated to the production of 3D content. Working alongside our clients, we deliver content to any medium. From iPad to IMAX.

Our Partner 3DCC

3DCC Logo Spy3D is a collaborative entity dedicated to producing 3D content. Partnering in the venture is 3D specialist William White and his company 3DCC, original pioneers in the advancement of stereoscopic image technology.

3DCC continually develops a wide range of specialized, unique stereoscopic systems.